the Haunted Mansion : VisDev

-worked wthe WaltDisneyStudios 
on a now cancelled show about a Mansion that was Haunted, 
it was a dream until it got shelved.  so here are the development illustrations

Cafe sketches

Cafe studies in Paris after Croissant de Triomphe

Sequence Design - Travel Montage

Worked w a team to design the travel sequence from flat farmland to the mountainous valleys of Asia.

Restaurant Studies

Hong Kong inthe 1960s when old historical bldgs w neon lights were in fashion.  And yes, that's a bar inthe middle of that courtyard  ;)

Roll 'Em | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

"Lights, Camera, Roll 'Em…"  - got to paint the BGs for this short.

 Here's a short that reminds me of working in the studios again:

BG development for Penn Zero : Part time Hero

Our main character's house was in a suburban neighborhood but the backyard is where all the action happens. His friends built a parttime trainingcourse, treehouse equipped w a tireswing, and slidechute !

MickeyMouse Shorts - BG VisDev

I designed and painted a few episodes onthe MickeyShorts.   Which is your favorite one ?

EdLiSketch on Instagram

I've been updating most of my sketches on Instagram!
check it out here:

The PLANES-ification of FIRE & RESCUE

- just saw this drawing from a film I worked on last year in a D23 article!


The Planes-ified Piston Peak National Park features the locomotive-shaped Rail Ridge and its namesake, Piston Peak, can be seen to the right.